How important is it to optimise your images

Search engine sites such as Google are more likely to rank higher on sites with high quality and unique image. In addition, they usually have the option to name the image when it is uploaded to the site, so you can name it the relevant keyword. For example, a vegan cooking website can name an image “vegetarian cooking recipe.” When viewing on computers, tablets, and smartphones, be sure to check the quality of all the photos you use. Some people will make huge photos that look great on their laptops, but they take a long time to load when viewed on a mobile phone. Therefore, it is important to reduce the file size of the images used so that you can view them anywhere.

Another great way to optimise images is to ensure that they aren’t too decorative. For example, GIFs are very trendy, however, they also tend to take up a lot of data to load. This can slow down the loading time of a whole website which makes it less likely to be shown in Google search results.

For this reason, it can be a wise move to use mainly JPEG files. Another great thing to do is to concentrate on thumbnail images. They are usually shown on shop products or when sharing a link on social media.

It is important to ensure that thumbnail pictures are quite small, so they don’t slow down the overall loading time. And, of course, it is important to ensure that all images are not blurry, are professional, and are relevant. If stock images are to be used, it is a good idea to find ones that are less popular.

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